“Elizabeth’s comments and edits were incredibly helpful in completing my Master of English Language and Literature. She offered a thoughtful voice during conceptual stages, and gave comprehensive edits and suggestions on partially or fully completed works. After being reviewed by Elizabeth, my work was more concise, thorough, and purposeful. Her suggestions and edits were crucial to the success of my MA thesis. I highly recommend her services to writers at any level, for any purpose.”

– Janine, Crabtree Publishing

“Elizabeth was a colleague of mine during my fifth year at McMaster University. Many a night was spent stressing over long, complicated papers that just weren’t making any sense. Thankfully, Elizabeth was an officemate who was always willing and eager to help out. Whether it was quick thesis clinics, grammatical read-throughs, or making me feel like my ideas did, in fact, make sense, Elizabeth was always eager to help transform my essays from a jumbled, convoluted mess of words to a thoughtful, important paper. Elizabeth’s command over the English language and eagerness to help make her the perfect writing coach. I would recommend any one of her services to all levels of writers, regardless of degree or difficulty.”

– Jesse, Co-Founder and Chief Editor of The Paper Street Journal

“Elizabeth is an invaluable resource for both academic and non-academic writers. She combines friendly, professional service with critical and editorial expertise. Her ability to finely track the contours of an argument and to assess its reasonability cannot be understated. As an educator, Elizabeth is attentive to contemporary pedagogical practices and is sensitive to students’ needs and backgrounds. Moreover, through her own work as a writer of poetry and literary criticism, Elizabeth has developed patterns of excellence that are sure to benefit anyone who is seriously interested in improving their own writing. Indeed, I would highly recommend her to both students and professional writers alike.”

– Brycen, PhD Candidate at McMaster University

“Elizabeth DiEmanuele is professional, prompt, and she always gives excellent editing suggestions and writing advice. I have used her services for proposals, longer papers, and other writing projects throughout my MA. Elizabeth has consistently given exceptional service no matter the project. Her attention to detail, knowledge, and overall demeanour are bar none and I will continue to utilize her services throughout the remainder of my graduate studies.”

– Julia, PhD Candidate at the University of Laurier

Elizabeth is by far one of the most enthusiastic and committed people I know. The time and the effort that she puts into her work, regardless of the project, is reflected in the absolutely amazing final products. I would recommend Smart EDits to anyone, both undergraduate and graduate alike as she will critically critique your writing, constructively criticize it, and help you in producing a final copy that you can be proud of. 6 out of 5 stars!

– Adam, Master’s candidate at Queen’s University

“Elizabeth’s passion for writing is contagious. Her motivation and encouragement helped me develop creative writing skills I never knew I had. If you’re looking to develop your writing skills in a dynamic way and wanting to have fun doing so, Elizabeth’s coaching is the way to go! I can’t thank her enough for how much she has helped me!”

Faith, Undergraduate Student at McMaster University

Elizabeth is a rare find… I was fortunate enough to call Elizabeth my T.A. for two courses in my first year at McMaster University, and all I can say is that she set the bar extremely high for other T.A.s. The amount of time and effort she puts into teaching and coaching, and the level of encouragement she provides is incredibly inspiring. Elizabeth can spark an idea, guide you around obstacles, and help you sculpt your thoughts and ideas into something magnificent. I truly believe that Elizabeth can bring out the writer in anyone.

– Christopher, Undergraduate Student at McMaster University


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