It’s amazing how much anxiety writing can cause writers the moment the words “publish” and “audience” come into play. I see this all the time with clients, colleagues, friends, and fellow freelancers. The moment their writing has a platform, the anxiety settles in. What if someone critiques the work? What if someone makes a personal […]

The creative negotiation is more nuanced than simply “feeling bad” about neglecting your personal projects; it’s more like the difference between making a meal for someone you love and making a meal for yourself. You might labour over the ingredients, recipe, plating, and all the other things that make a meal great if it’s for someone you care about, but when it comes to making yourself lunch for work or dinner after a busy day, you might hold back.

Last Tuesday, I attended a conversational event that featured the award-winning Canadian author, Lawrence Hill. The event was hosted by McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario and was moderated by the third-reader of my Master’s Thesis, Dr. Daniel Coleman. This event, “In Conversation with Lawrence Hill,” is not the first time I’ve seen either of these […]

Despite enjoying the introspection that goes into the writing process, there is something special about collaborative writing – the organic exchange of ideas and structures, the thoughtful feedback, the shared sense of accomplishment. There are so many aspects to the collaborative writing process that nourish my creativity. While I’m certainly not the first person to […]