Smart EDits™ offers a more holistic approach to the traditional editing and writing process. My mission is not simply to strengthen your communication through basic copy edits; rather, it is to assist you with developing your brand and style through constructive, thoughtful feedback. 

I support small businesses and larger organizations looking to contract an editor or writer. I have years of professional writing experience that delve into many sectors, including government, the broader public sector, non-profit, and academia. Through Smart EDits™, I can assist your organization with concise messaging and public relations; minutes, briefing notes, reports, and administrative materials; or, well-communicated presentations to build relationships and trust with stakeholders.

My services extend to students and young professionals. Young people are among my most motivated clients, as many must learn to navigate difficult problems with their own voice for the first time. Whether it is a student attempting academic writing or a young professional seeking to organize their ideas, my services always ensure a safe space to discuss those difficulties in a productive and meaningful way.

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